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Dear Sir/Madam,

“Jay Integrated” Services has been started with  a view to facilities the business activities, of the people who need to visit the pune city, Pimpri-Chinchwad & surrounding areas for business and other purposes.

 We at “Jay” are involved in diverse activities. We are in Employment Services, Manufacture of precision machine parts/components and Marketing, for more than ten years, with a successful track record.We are a group of professionals offering office services for liason with Govt.offers ,corporate sector,representation,collection of documents/materials on your behalf,receiv communication as your own pune office etc.If the need be and are informed in advance, we can make arrangements on your behalf to conduct a seminar,business meetings etc. in decent surrounding.

        We offer an entire range of services at a reasonable cost.


Office Services

 Invariably it so happens that a person coming all the way to pune,with an intention to complete the stipulated work in one day is unable to complete the work due to unforeseen difficulties.The person has to extend his stay in pune or postpone the work to a future date,upsetting the schedule. Precious time and money spent on traveling, allowances and the persons salary is lost.

 This is where Jay Integrated  services steps in,to work on your behalf,thereby saving your time and money. Wherever your  presence is necessary,it is necessary. However Jay Integrated Services shall do the necessary groundwork,co-ordination,follow-up,representation to ensure that your time in pune is fruitfully utilized.

    Sir,we are a team of qualified professionals,engaged in diverse activities.For the first time in pune.we are offering comprehensive office and business services,to the enterprising businessmen,who need to visit pune,or depute a person from time to time.

  The services we offer are

     Liason with Govt.Offices :

We shall interact with the concerned govt.offices to procure the Relevant documents,  registrations, licenses etc.

    Dispatch   We shall dispatch documents, materials etc.on your behalf. 
      Receipt      We shall receive documents, materials on your behalf.

We shall collect payments, documents, materials etc.on your behalf from your client in and around Pune.

Follow up

We shall do the necessary follow-up,with your client in pune,for Payments etc.


We shall represent your company,with a sutaible qualified Person,in Order to maintain the company image with your client.

Phone calls & Faxes

We shall receive phone calls and faxes on your behalf and forward the same to you.

                 In short it is your own Pune office in a prime business area.


All the above mentioned services are available to any individual,company,traders,professionals and entrepreneurs.We are sure a lot of time and money can be saved.You don’t have to depute a person to visit pune.Especially in case of collection of dues,many a visits are necessary in invaluable loss of time and man-hours.

 All you have to do is become a member of our organization and you have your own office in a prestigious locality of pune.at Renuka Complex,on Jangali Maharaj Road,Deccan Gymkhana.

The services will be provided for nominal charges,on piece-work basis.

We are sure you shall avail of these services to save time and money.


 We are in estate Management Services,offering comprehensive services in maintenance and up-keep of your property situated in and around pune,where you need to stay for very few days in a year and the placev has to be looked oftaer.

 Sir,We hereby offer our services for the maintenance and up-keep of your property.

bluediamond.GIF (2789 bytes)     We shall visit your place at regular intervals and conduct a through check-up of your property, as regards the electrical installations,furniture’s and fixtures,water supply,tax dues etc.

bluediamond.GIF (2789 bytes)      We shall collect your tax bills,Electricity & Telephone bills on your behalf and settle them according to your instructions.

bluediamond.GIF (2789 bytes)      We shall carry out the electrical & plumbing repaires if necessary.

bluediamond.GIF (2789 bytes)      We also undertake painting job & waterproofing works as a part of our comprehensive services.

bluediamond.GIF (2789 bytes)      We will procure 7/12 extract of your property, every six months  to ensure that your title to the property is clear at all times and no additional burden is added to the record in your absence.

bluediamond.GIF (2789 bytes)      Protect your property from encroachments. 

bluediamond.GIF (2789 bytes)      Inform us about your arrival in advance and we will replenish your refrigerator with food,milk cold drinks etc.of your choice .See to it that the place is kept spice and span for your arrival. 

Be a member of “ Jay Estate Services” for the protection and upkeep of your valuable property. 

Parental Care Services 

Pune city being a centre of learning a large number of students from all over the country are staying  in pune, for higer education.We have observed students running up dear owns.Not many have their relatives or acquaintances living in pune.

Further,the caring parents living far away from pune are naturally anxious about the general well being of their child,’the company the student keeps’,the places the student visits etc.


We hereby offer the following parental care services :


blebul3a.gif (310 bytes)  Keep track of your wards activities.

blebul3a.gif (310 bytes)  Visit the institution in which your ward is studying.

blebul3a.gif (310 bytes)   Establish a regular contact with the head of the institution to keep track of  academic career.

blebul3a.gif (310 bytes) Provide the student  with logistick support  whenever required to overcome unforeseen    diffuclties.

blebul3a.gif (310 bytes)  Provide expert guidance regarding career opportunities or any other academic advise through   qualified faculty.

blebul3a.gif (310 bytes)  Visit the student at regular intervals to make sure that everything is OK.

blebul3a.gif (310 bytes)  Send a monthly report to the parents.

Become a member of Jay Parental Services and ensure additional support to your ward living pune.

For further details.

Or visit us at: D-6, Renuka Complex, and J.M.Road.Deccan Gymkhana.Pune-411 004. Call:  020-5531330

 You can rest assured of our prompt attention & services at all times.