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 Dear Sir/madam,

 We are in estate Management Services,offering comprehensive services in maintenance and up-keep of your property situated in and around pune,where you need to stay for very few days in a year and the placev has to be looked oftaer.

You have a property in the form of a flat,a plot  in pune city,or a farm-house located at a serence location,away from the city hubbub and pollution,where you go for relief from your daily burdens.

On reaching your property,you find that some of your favourite trees are dead or dying.Your electricity connection has been cut off for the delay in paying the bills.May be the power is there but some of the electrical installations are off due to the voltage fluctuations. The government taxes are overdue because you have not received the bill in time.You want to pay them and the concerned  govt. employees is not available to received the money when you are there.

A small hut of a labourer working on the construction of an adjoining property has come up In the corner of your property.The person you have appointed to look after your property is not on the spot,but arrives a few hours later offering all kinds of excuses.The very purpose of having a time, free of all the botherations,is defeated.

Sir, We hereby offer our services for the maintenance and up-keep of your property.

bluediamond.GIF (2789 bytes)    We shall visit your place at regular intervals and conduct a through check-up of your property, as regards the electrical installations,furniture’s and fixtures,water supply,tax dues etc.

bluediamond.GIF (2789 bytes)          We shall collect your tax bills,Electricity & Telephone bills on  your behalf and settle them according to your instructions.

bluediamond.GIF (2789 bytes)         We shall carry out the electrical & plumbing repaires if necessary.

bluediamond.GIF (2789 bytes)       We also undertake painting job & waterproofing works as a part of our comprehensive services.

bluediamond.GIF (2789 bytes)        We will procure 7/12 extract of your property, every six months  to ensure that your title to the property is clear at all times and no additional burden is added to the record in your absence.

bluediamond.GIF (2789 bytes)     Protect your property from encroachments.

 Inform us about your arrival in advance and we will replenish your refrigerator with food, milk cold drinks etc.of your choice .See to it that the place is kept spice and span for your arrival.

 Be a member of “ Jay Estate Services” for the protection and upkeep of your valuable property.

 Or visit us at: D-6, Renuka Complex, and J.M.Road.Deccan Gymkhana.Pune-411 004.

Call:  020-5536739.

 You can rest assured of our prompt services at all times.